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Repairing your piano after an unsuccessful relocation will cost a fortune, so entrust your instrument to professional piano movers.

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We have carefully devised strategies and plans for efficient piano removal and thus save valuable time for our expert piano movers.

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If you attempt to move your piano by yourself you risk getting injured and damaging your instrument – let the experts do their magic instead!

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Long-Distance or Short-Distance Piano Move

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Local Piano Removal

Our company specializes in transporting pianos in Denton. Call us if you want to relocate your piano across the street, or the town or if you want to move your piano around the building you are in. Our experts can even carry pianos downstairs or upstairs. We also provide excellent same-day deliveries.

Long-Distance Piano Relocation

Intrastate Move

Our piano moving service includes long-distance moves, which means that we can transport your piano to other parts of Texas. Our professional drivers take every necessary precaution to transport your piano safely to another town or city in the state.

Interstate (Cross-Country) Move

No matter how close or far you move, we always give professional moving services! That is why even when you go across the state, you can rest assured we will deliver your piano without delays.

Licenced & Insured Moving Company

Our moving company is completely licensed to do its job in Denton County, Texas, and other surrounding states, and the items we deliver are insured.

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Type of Pianos We Relocate

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Moving an Upright Piano

When we move an upright piano, we come with special moving equipment that is specifically for your type of piano. As soon as you register for our full moving services, the first thing we do is secure the lid to the piano and protect the pedals. After that, we carefully pack the piano in moving blankets. Finally, we secure it with moving straps onto a dolly and slowly load it into our moving truck.

Moving Modern and Grand Pianos

If your modern or grand piano has legs that can be removed, our expert movers for pianos usually start with that. We start with disassembling all the other parts that can be removed from your piano. Then, we wrap the part in moving blankets and wraps. After we carefully load it into our moving truck, we use straps to secure the piano firmly so that it doesn’t damage during the transport.

Other Kinds Of Piano We Move

We shift and move all types of pianos! In addition to vertical or upright piano styles like console, consolette, or studio, or types of grand pianos, like petit, baby, medium, semi-concert, or concert, we move organs and square grand pianos. If you are not certain whether we move your kind of piano or you have any other questions about our piano moving services, don’t hesitate to call us!

FULL-moving service

Complete Piano Relocation Service

You can trust us with more than just transporting or shifting your piano around. Our moving crew also handles assembly and disassembly, packing and unpacking, and storage. When you register for our full piano moving services, our experienced team of piano removers will start from the very beginning of the relocation process, that is packing.

We use specialized moving blankets and wraps to secure your piano and make it ready for shifting or transport. Our pro piano movers use specialized equipment and tools to gently disassemble the piano parts and pack them for easier loading and transporting. At the end, we carefully reassemble all the parts and your piano is ready to make beautiful music!

Assembly & Disassembly

Uninstall & Install

Packing & Unpacking

Loading & Unloading

Transportation With Truck

Short & Long-Term Storage

Why us

Why A+ Moving Services for Piano Removal

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Pianos are not easily replaceable items. Not only are they expensive, but they are also a valuable member of your family. This is why you want to piano to be treated with care and respect by a serious moving company. A+ Moving Services are the leading experts in piano packing, moving, assembling, reassembling, and storing your beloved musical instrument. Don’t be fooled that pianos are sturdy because they are heavy and bulky. They are very delicate musical instruments that require special attention when moving. Our expert piano movers are trained to protect your piano by carefully packing and handling it during the whole process of the relocation. This is the reason you have to choose professional A+ Moving Services for pianos!












Our Piano Relocation Prices

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At A+ Moving Services you can get free quotes online! We offer our services for competitive rates! You just need to fill in the free online form with all the details about your piano move. You should include the type of piano you move, the destination, and the additional services you need. Note that our piano moving company also offers amazing discounts, especially for seniors and veterans!

Minimum Hours – 2 h

One-Time Travel Fee – From $25

2 Movers – $129/hr

3 Movers – $164/hr

4 Movers – $199/hr

Each Additional Mover – 35$

Discount For Veterans & Seniors – 5%


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We Serve Whole Denton County

Check out all the places in Denton County where we are stationed! Remember to call us if you need to relocate locally, across the state, or the country.



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Common Questions About Piano Move

What types of pianos do you move?

We move different styles of upright pianos (spinet, consolette, console, professional, studio), grand and modern pianos (petite, baby, medium, semi-concert, concert) but also organs and square grand pianos.

Can you move my piano upstairs?

Yes, you can hire our trusted movers to move your piano upstairs or downstairs. We take all necessary precautions to safely lift and shift it to another floor.

How do you protect my piano from damage?

We use various kinds of packing materials, like moving blankets or bubble wraps, but also moving pads so as not to damage your floor while shifting the piano.

Do you disassemble and reassemble pianos?

Yes, our professional moving crew is also trained to disassemble and reassemble any type of piano at your request.

What moving vehicles do you use to transport pianos?

Our top-notch moving trucks are specially designed and equipped to safely transport and deliver pianos in pristine condition wherever you want in Denton, within the state of Texas, or to another state.